barbieI always wondered if my mom was a little embarrassed telling her friends that her daughter was an Arts and Crafts Major at college. That was the heading for a Jewelry and Metalworking concentration at the University of Georgia where I received a BFA. So, after all these years, we still laugh at the fact that I am actually making a living at arts and crafts and loving every minute of it.

I then returned to my native Baltimore, Maryland to apprentice with a custom design fine jewelry shop where I refined my skills in various construction and stone setting techniques. I also took the time to attend workshops at Penland School of Crafts, Haystack, and Peter’s Valley with several renowned jewelers as a studio assistant. I currently have a studio in Baltimore, and design two distinct lines of jewelry that are available in galleries, craft stores, boutiques, and museums. I have been in business for over twenty years, and I sell my work in stores in almost every state throughout the country.

With so many jewelry forms available today, it is a constant challenge to produce designs that are new and innovative. My “Barb-Wire” combines color, balance, geometry, and clean lines to create a light and contemporary look. I appreciate that my customers have so much fun wearing my work, and continue to come back for more!